Our Progress is Powered by You!

If you share the love of our homeland of Himarra, our heritage, our concern about the critical issues, and have a desire to make a difference  then we encourage you to join The Himarrioton Society of America.


Our mission is to help cultivate and preserve  Himarriotic culture, heritage and history  and to make a positive difference in the lives of our members.  The Society strives to promote the rights and interests of Himarriotans, both in the United States and in Himarra, through the realization of patriotic, charitable, educational, and cultural endeavors.


Your membership and support are vital if we are to have an impact on our community’s ability to flourish and to preserve our inheritance for future generations. Join today by completing the application form below and follow the link to submit your membership payment via Paypal.


If you prefer to apply for membership offline, please email us at and we will be happy to contact you directly.

HSA is a non-profit organization. All membership fees are fully tax deductible. TIN 45-2378541.